WPC Railing

WPC Railing Installation Guide

WPC railing installation guide

WPC railing are widely used in our life because of their dual advantages of wood and plastic. Let’s see how to install it.

Notice before installation

When installing WPC railing, plastic wood profile should be reserved a certain expansion joint according to the actual situation. As the material may produce the use of heat expansion and cold contraction. When installing, must secure column firmly according to the requirement, to avoid accidents caused by subsequent use.


The density of wood plastic profiles is large, which makes the material hard and brittle. When fixing the guardrail of WPC, use electric drill to guide hole to twist screws instead of nail directly. Otherwise, the material may be ruputred or split.

wpc railing
   Mental Post
  WPC Post
  Post Skirt
  Mental Pipe
  Plastic Tenon
  Square Bar
  Post Cap
  Concrete Surface

Step 1: Install mental post

Install the mental post on the ground by expansion screws

       Note:  the post shall be installed where can bear the force

Step 2: Install WPC post and base

Step 3: Install vertical square bar

  1. Measure the length between two posts
  2. Install another postNote: measure the distance before fixing the post
  3. Attach the bottom rail

4. Install the plastic tenon

5. Install the vertical square bar

Step 4: 

  1. Attach the top rail

2. Attach post caps


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