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WPC Material Characterized and Using in daily life

WPC Material Characterized and Using in daily life

Wood-plastic composite main material is plastics and plant fibers. Such as sawdust, bamboo chips, rice husks, gluten, peanut shells and cotton straw.
WPC material characterized by polymer interface chemistry and modification plastic filling.
After special processed, it become various shapes and structures can covering with a wide range of products.
Moreover, this material is recycling. It has all the characteristics of wood processing.

WPC Material CharacterizedThis new material has four major characteristics:

First, Recycling and Renewable.
Sometime the scrapped products and WPC recycled products are useful.
However this can be 100% recycled.
Moreover, it 
will not affect the performance of the products. Can truly realize “reduction, regeneration and recycling”.

Second, The product flexible.
Wood-plastic composite are artificial integrated synthetic products.
Product process and formula can adjusting according to requirements.
Then produced materials to different properties and shapes.
So that the utilization rate of the profiles is closed to 100%.

Third, Environmental protection.
On the one hand, WPC main materials are safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.
On the other hand, they will not produce toxic and side effects during production and processing.
So WPC product do not harm for human body and environment.

Fourth, Cost-economy: WPC products have realized the transfer of low-value materials to high value-added products. Not only the maintenance cost is low, but also the several time longer than wood.

Application areas of wood-plastic composite products:

WPC material is flexible product, they can make all the things which need open a brainstorming. Beside, Sunflare can help you make customized product, all the details can send email to: info@sun-flare.com 

So, here is the product we usually make:
1. Building area: door, wall panels, decking, decorative materials and so on;
2. Outdoor place: fencing, dock, columns, handrails, pavilion, pergola and so on;
3. Logistics and transportation: packing boxes, container boards, trays and so on;
4. Traffic: barriers, sign board, etc.;
5. Furniture: cabinets, tables, flower box, bench and so on.

Do you know what is it? Answer can send email to: info@sun-flare.com

WPC Material Characterized
As far as I am concerned, with the decline of natural wood resources and increasing of the wood products needs. Over time, The application of WPC material will be more and more
. This is an inevitable trend in the future.

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