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Looking for WPC, now in the 1st China International Import Expo

As you know that WPC (Wood plastic Composites) is a building material, which formed by extrusion of plastic and wood fiber in a certain proportion. In 2017, the estimated output of China’s wood-plastic products was close to 3 million tons. Taking the fact, Chinese production volume account for two-thirds of the world’s total production. As a big manufacture base, China ranked the first in the world whatever production, sales, consumption and exports.

Where is WPC?

The most widely used wood-plastic material are architectural products, accounting for about 75% of the total. Such as garden landscapes, courtyards, balconies, residential areas, squares and other outdoor areas. We often see wood-plastic products as decking, parks Chairs, railings, wall claddings, gallery frames, trash cans and flower boxes etc.

Who choose WPC?

In the case of the outdoor crowded public places, as high-density occasion, the life of wood-plastic can reach 8 years. When used in private places or areas with low traffic, the life of wood-plastics last up to 15 years or more. As the technology matures, various wood-plastic products are used in large buildings. That’s the reason why builders choose WPC as the key building material in the Beijing Olympic venues and the builidngs in the Shanghai World Expo.

I show you a video as below. Here a smart owner chooses to install wood-plastic flooring in front of the store, and then he don’t worry about more and more comsumers crowded at the door.

What’s new in the 1st China International Import Expo?

More experts throw themselves into technological research upon the material, even if they cross different industries.

Let me show you an example, and then you’ll see how a wood-plastic composite materials connect with vehicles. Do you feel supprised? In the 1st China International Import Expo,  the UPM Group bring a concept car, which quite concerned. Please refer to the photo below, it’s a modern double-door car. Unlike ordinary cars, the body of the car is made of wood plastic composites, replaced steel. UPM is a company which produces specialty papers., while they try to find the renewable and recyclable materials. it’s easily understand why WPC materials used in the Biofore concept car. The groundbreaking application came out as a real.

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