Outdoor Use Decoration Material-WPC Co-extrusion Decking

WPC  co-extrusion decking is an upgrade of extrusion decking, with unparalleled superior performance proud other decoration materials in the  market. With the 360° all-directional cladding, it leads the trend of outdoor landscape decoration.

Co-extrusion wood floor with zero formaldehyde and environmental protection , and it widely used in parks, squares, riverside, courtyard and balcony. This product always in your sight, like plank road, platform, gazebo, footpath and other forms. Also, it’s life span reach to 15 years.

wpc co-extrusion decking

Advantage of WPC co-extrusion decking

Let see the advantage of WPC co-extrusion decking:

1. The co-extrusion layer completely covers the core layer, to resist water /UV/ mold erosion.

2. Co-extrusion layer and core layer adhesion is strong. There are no damage and no peel at least after 90 hours of boiling test .

3. Co-extrusion decking’s color is more durable, it has been through at least 3000 hours QUV test, Delta E<4.0.

4. The degree of resistance to scraping and abrasion can meet the wear requirements of general use places.

5. It is more colorful. Besides, it abandons the monotonous outdoor color.

6. Co-extrusion wood floor throw away “too plastic” burden. The surface treatment more tend to real and natural texture of solid wood. In addition, it do visual and tactile are more and more close to solid wood.

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