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Application of Wood Plastic Profiles in Daily Life

Wood plastic profiles application in our daily life

With the continuous improvement of wood plastic profiles production process, wood plastic profile gradually began to replace traditional building materials. And was applied in more fields.

1. The most common thing is wood-plastic decking. Its mildew resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance make it more suitable for outdoor use than real wood flooring. Wood-plastic decking devided into solid decking and hollow decking according to different demand. Solid decking is heavy, with a strong bearing capacity. Hollow decking use hollow structure to reduce the weight of the floor. Also it have a certain degree of compressive ability.

wood plastic profiles

2.Wood-plastic materials also widely used in fences and railings. In the pro-level platform, mountain road and other dangerous places, pouring cement inside the railing makes it more artistic and have strong impact resistance. This method is very popular in each famous scenic spot. In places such as flower beds or courtyards, the materials mainly play the role of decoration. So you have a variety of choices and styles to match and beautify the courtyard.


3.Wood plastic materials can also used as decorative materials for the external walls of buildings, which to beautify buildings. In addition, the heat conduction coefficient of plastic wood material is far lower than that of coagulation, tile and glass. So that it can effectively block the irradiation of ultraviolet ray, and has good performance in warm reservation, heat insulation.

wall panel

4.In addition to wood plastic decking, wall panel and railing, wood plastic material still used in lots of products and buildings materials. Such as wood plastic pergola, pavilion, flower box, billboard and so on.

wood plastic profiles


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