WPC Railing

Notes for Wood Plastic Composite Railing Installation

Brief Introduction

Along with the wide application of wood plastic composite, now many community parks will use the wood plastic composite railing. Many visitors can’t tell the difference between WPC railing and wooden railing when they look from distance. Because the appearance of the WPC railing is similar to that of wooden one, it also has the texture of solid wood. If you touch WPC directly, the surface of the material will feel smoother than that of solid wood. This is mainly because of the addition of some plastic components in WPC, so that WPC with a solid wood and plastic dual characteristics. And all plastic wood materials also have a low water absorption performance.

wood plastic composite railingwood plastic composite railing

Notes for Wood Plastic Composite Railing Installation

Through the above introduction can be seen that there are lots of advantages of WPC railing. However, in order to play the advantages of products in the installation of WPC, should pay attention to the installation and application of it.

Before installation, WPC post should be installed and processed in accordance with environmental requirements. After fix the post, to install the railing. And need to follow these basic operation procedures when installing the railing, to ensure the lifetime of the railing.

In addition, the pre-burial effect of WPC railing has a great impact on the use of it. Some workers in the embedded depth is not enough, so that easy to cause problems after installation. And the pre-buried level should be about 200mm, too deep too shallow do not comply with the installation regulations.

During the installation of WPC railing, some bases are also needed. These bases should make rust removal in advance to avoid corrosion after fixing. In the installation of railing should pay attention to these issues, so that the application of railing can provide more convenient conditions for people.

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