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How to Store Wood Plastic Composite Materials

Now wood plastic products is widely use. And the shipment amount of the products is increasing. Many manufacturers and engineering companies will choose some wood plastic profile for stock base on the market situation. In order to facilitate the timely demand of the market. So it is necessary to know the ways to store wood plastic composite materials. 

Ways to store wood plastic composite materials

Wood plastic materials go through production to packaging and delivery. These will cause some storage problems of it in such series of processes. How to regulate the operation of workers is very necessary. Because wood plastic profile is extruded through high temperature, it must be stored neatly on the ground or tray after extrusion. If not stored neatly or the ground is not flat, it is easy to lead to wood plastic deformation. 

In additional, because of the time limit, wood plastic material couldn’t use in time on the spot. A lot of them need to be stored, same as above. Also need to pay attention to cover wood plastic composite materials with rain cloth. Because wood plastic materials are polished before packaging, there will be some slight dust on the surface. If no cover rain cloth, rain water will enter in it and remain water mark on the surface. Though this does not affect the product quality, but it affects the product appearance.

From above, we could see the correct storage ways is very important for wood plastic composite materials. So don’t ignore this problem, and pay more attention to it.

Hope these tips could help you, so that your wood plastic project more perfect!

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