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A cheaper cost choice SPC Vinyl flooring

A cheaper cost choice SPC Vinyl flooring

The reason why SPC Vinyl flooring cheaper than LVT Click flooring.

First, SPC Vinyl flooring Produced.
For compared, SPC flooring didn’t need Hot press, can extrusion SPC core, color patter and wear layer in one time.
It just using one machine and can finished two step.  So we can save machine cost. It is one of the biggest reason why SPC click flooring cheaper than LVT click.

Beside it make produced time shorter. Time is money, and this make us save more money.


Third, SPC flooring with same advantages with LVT click flooring. It also have special advantages, more harder, antiseptic, anti-mildew. It means, product using life will longer which can think as a cheaper product.

About our SPC Vinyl flooring product line

In Some factory, they don’t have Annealing and Semi-product treatment. It will make product not strong enough, it easy to break during installation. after half year, product with sunshine will cracking .

But we have 100 meters long Annealing and Semi-product treatment product line. Customer can trust us, we will send high quality product.



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