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Swimming Pool Use Rubber Surface WPC Decking Board

Swimming Pool Use Rubber Surface WPC Decking Board

Nowadays, even if WPC can slip resistance, many children still get hurt when they slip on the decking.  So we had invest new product cover by rubber, this rubber surface WPC decking board can prevent children hurt in some extent.

rubber surface wpc decking board

The Features of the decking:

High Strength
Anti-color Fading
Insect Prevention
Soft and Porous: which can protect our body when someone slip down.
Beside, when we walking in this decking, the touch will very soft, just like Carpet.

The advantages of Rubber Surface WPC decking Board:

1. Cost Effective: No more painting, Staining or Sealing. Adds value to your project.
2. Durable: Resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage.
3. Beautiful: Stands up to harsh weather; resists stains, scratches, and fading
4. Research and Development: With co-extruding and covering techniques, the surface of the product can not be easily scratched, the inner core is still made by extruded wood plastic composite with high density. This product is especially favored by North America Market.

Which place will using this decking?

In short, we can using this kindly of decking to all the place you like. And I specially suggest using to the wet place like Swimming pool side; Dock, river side and other moist place. Because this kind decking have higher Anti-slip function.

If you want more details, please feel free to send email to: info@sun-flare.com

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