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What’s PVC SPC flooring? And what’s SPC flooring advantage?

PVC SPC flooring now become more and more popular, but do you know how it made of ? And what is SPC flooring advantage, Today let me tell you.

What’s PVC SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring is made of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride. Main material is calcium powder, at least 60%. It is a new type of material invented in response to national emission reduction. SPC is very popular in foreign country. It is a perfect presentation for home decoration.

SPC floor hot thickness is 4.0/5.0mm and usually some people like to add 1.5mm IXPE underlayer. It can have differnt design like wood,stone,carpet surface. Scratch resistance, resource use,anti-slip performance, SPC flooring is superior to laminate flooring. Now let’s see some details about SPC flooring advantage,directly affect the health of the family.

What’s the advantage of PVC SPC Flooring?

Firstly, Environmental, zero formaldehyde. we all know that number one the “criminal” of indoor pollution is formaldehyde. Floor as an important decorative material for the family.

Secondly,Waterproof. Can freely paved anywhere. So you don’t have to worry about the foaming of the floor of your home, or the mildew due to high humidity, or deformation due to temperature changes.

Thirdly,Non-slip. No longer have to worry about slipping and westling. Many people like to choose tile, but once it gets wet, it slips easily. So if you have old people and children in your family,SPC flooring is the best choice.

Fourthly,Wear resistant. The thicker the wear layer, The better the wear rating.

Fifthly,Fireproof. The fireproof level can be B1. That’s why some commercial place like to use SPC flooring.

Sixly,Adapt to geothermal,energy saving insulation.

PVC SPC flooringAfter all, do you know what’s SPC Flooring? And the advantage of SPC flooring? Hope this article can help you. If still have any questions, kindly send mail to info@sun-flare.com. Or can call 86-20-82512265 for help.

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