PVC Flooring

The Secret of the Popularity of PVC Click Flooring

PVC click flooring, which is point to the flooring no need nail, glue and keel in the process of paving, and can directly lay on the ground.

Advantages of PVC Click Flooring

1. Reusable

Because the installation of click flooring is simple, easy to remove and re-use, especially suitable for exhibitions and stores and other temporary places.

2. Install with click system, no need glue

Common laminate wood floor need glue to install. However, adhesive contains the chemical composition such as formaldehyde. If use too much, easy to cause indoor pollution, while less amount lead to weak connections.

PVC click flooring because of the effect of lock force, juncture still very close for no glue installation. It won’t protuberance or craze because of temperature change.

PVC click flooring

3. More strict for the requirement to base material

The locking force of PVC click flooring mainly depends on the tongue-and-groove connection. Because of the pour tenon action, the floor of lock buckle can bear the pull force of 450 kilograms to 1 ton under normal circumstances. So the substrate density, expansion, relative humidity and other physical properties of click flooring can maintain stable.

4. Well effect of the overall pavement

PVC click flooring adopts advanced laser quality inspection system in the production process, that is, laser automatic correction. It can avoid wave height difference, make tongue-and-groove more fine and more flat.

It is replaced by industrial standard for manual paving, which reduces the error of manual paving. As a result of the effect of locking force, it extend around with the change of temperature. At the same time to avoid local uplift, solve the problem of internal deformation, the overall pavement effect is good.

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