PVC Flooring

Indoor PVC Magnetic Vinyl Plank Flooring

Indoor PVC Magnetic Vinyl Plank Flooring

As we know, PVC flooring are divided into fewer types. Such as dry back (install with glue); click (install with click system) and loose lay (with anti-slip backing). Now, we have a new product, magnetic vinyl plank flooring. Because of it’s magnetic backing, it can also be use as wallboard.

Magnetic Flooring

As a new product, PVC magnetic vinyl plank flooring know how to get the most out of it. Due to it’s multiple use, flooring and wallboard. What’s more, this flooring perfectly combine magnet and floor together, and make it install more convenient.

Features of Magnetic Flooring:

Eco-friendly, zero-formaldehyde;

Waterproof, fireproof, and skid resistance;


Wear-resisting .

Magnetic vinyl plank flooring

The advantage of Magnetic Flooring:

1. Soft and flexible: very easy to cut whatever shapes you like (refer to the image below).

2. Easy installation: with magnetic backing and coating, therefore, it need no glue, no click system, just sample coating and lay down. That enables quick and economical style change, also save installation time. For such easy installation, you even can install the flooring by yourself.

3. Easy to maintain: it’s waterproof and scratch resistance function make it easy to clean and maintain. Only use simple tool (like mop) to keep the daily maintain.

4. Well durability: with different thickness, it’s suitable for many high traffic place, such as: hotels, shops, offices, exhibition stands, etc.

5. Look nature.

Magnetic Vinyl Plank Flooring

So, we can see that magnetic flooring combine with it’s quality, practicability and durability, which make it more competitive.

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