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Indoor PVC Flooring-Loose Lay Flooring

Features of loose lay flooring

Loose lay flooring is a new floor material, which develop through hi-tech. Made from fine marble powder, it has solid foot layer with high -density and high fiber-network structure. What’s more, it’s surface being covered by high molecule special resin, and the finished product has to undergo a couple of workflows. Its quality meets or even exceeds the international standard. In addition to the said features, it owns unique advantage. Self-deposit adsorption floor provides various colors for choice and can form all kinds of patterns. Moreover, it contains no formol and radiation. Also, no need to use auxiliary materials such as cement, mortar, glue in paving. Therefore, it is suitable for hospitals, schools, offices, industrials, hotels, businesses, households use and so on.

loose lay flooringloose lay flooring
Environment friendly

Loose lay is mainly consist of BaSo3 which is no toxic, no magnetism, no radioactive. Products do not contain heavy metals, do not release harmful gas. Therefore, this contribute loose lay to radiation protection and healthy.

Magnificent functions

Loose lay is of high resistance to scratch and abrasion, high stability and flexibility. This product plays the role of inflaming retarding and high slip resistance, as well as moisture proof, sound-absorption and anti-bacterial.


Adopts insulation material to provide excellent insulation capability, and it can prevent people from getting electric shock when walking on the floor.

Easy low cost maintenance

With unique technique in the surface, loose lay is of high resistance to staining. It can only using ordinary wet mop to clean up because of it’s good waterproof and anti pollution function. No wax, no polish.

Perfect for a range of application-wide

Loose lay is ideal for office, school, hospital, department store, sporting arenas, and residential, commercial and industrial area. So, it is suitable for any place looking for attractive expression and easy installation.

Product function

Waterproof, fireproof, anti-slip, anti-bacterial and sound absorbing, good resistance and flexibility.

loose lay flooring

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