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A Better Choice for House Decoration—Indoor PVC Flooring

A Better Choice for House Decoration— Indoor PVC Flooring

Indoor PVC flooring, also known as stone plastic floor, which is made of plastic and stone power. It is popular in the market for decorative material. Besides, it was widely use at foreign countries in recent years.

Let’s see how many advantage it has:

1. Eco-friendly

From the perspective of Environmentally speaking, indoor PVC flooring only produce less dust during production, zero – formaldehyde. Relatively speaking, PVC raw material is more environmental protection.

2. Wear resistance and anti slip

The surface of the PVC flooring has a layer of transparent anti slip wear layer. It’s lifespan can reach to 10-15 years. Base on the wear-resisting function, a lot of wooden floor cannot compare with PVC flooring.

3. Fireproof function

Compare with the wooden floor with high combustibility, raw material of PVC is limited to stone material on fire prevention function. It’s flammability is very low, basic do not have to worry about the fireproof function.

indoor pvc flooring

4. Waterproof function

From the perspective of waterproof function, the raw material of PVC flooring belong to plastic. So compare to the wooden floor, which with strong water absorption, the waterproof function of PVC flooring is much better.

5. Comfort level

Wooden floor is firm, PVC flooring is soft and flexible. In this way, compare to wooden floor, PVC flooring is relatively good in comfort.

6. Others

Wooden floor is easy to be affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction and easy to be out of shape. On the contrast, the stability of PVC flooring is relatively good.


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