PVC Flooring

Maintenance of Sunflare Indoor PVC Flooring

PVC flooring maintenance is very important, let me tell you why and how to maintain it.

The Purposes of PVC Flooring Maintenance

1. Improve appearance: removes the dirt in daily use in time, let resilient flooring shows its special appearance and natural glossiness adequately.

2. Protect the floor: let resilient floor avoid accidental chemical, cigarette end mark, shoe mark, oil and water erode. Also, let the mechanical wear of its surface be worn down to lowest limit, make the durable sex of the floor itself is able to develop adequately. Therefore, extend the service life of the floor.

3. Convenient care: pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, which can make the floor easier to care and extend the service life. For the compact surface structure and special treatment of elastic floor.

Attention of PVC Flooring Maintenance

1. All kinds of dirt on the ground should be removed in time.

2. It is absolutely forbidden to soak the floor in the water. Although some ground USES waterproof glue to partition water source (like floor drain, water room), if be soaked by water for long, it can affect the service life of the floor badly. Use the water suction machine to dry the sewage in time during the cleaning process.

3. For places with large crowds, should shorten the maintenance cycle, increase the number of high-strength wax waxing.

4. Strictly prohibit the use of hard, rough cleaning appliances (such as steel ball, baijie cloth, etc.), to prevent sharp objects collision elastic floor.

5. It is highly recommended to place rubbing MATS at the entrance of public places with high flow of people. So as to prevent dirt, sand and other dirt to scratch ground materials.

PVC flooring maintenance

Think highly of the maintenance of PVC flooring, so that extend the service life of the floor.

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