Xiamen Customs seized 1,596 tons of “foreign garbage”

Xiamen Customs seized 1,596 tons of “foreign garbage”

Xinhua News Agency Xiamen Electric Reporter Yan Zhihong recently learned from Xiamen Customs. Xiamen Customs seized 1596 tons “foreign garbage”.
After check by the professional agency, the 1596 tons of waste plastic recently did not meet the environmental protection requirements, it is China’s restricted import solid waste.

This case also the largest numbers of “foreign garbage” entry cases of Xiamen Customs this year.

It is understood, a certain trade company in Xiamen recently reported to the Xiamen Customs to import a batch of “recycled PET net bottle tablets” with a total weight of 1,596 tons.

On-site inspection found that the goods were mainly colorless and transparent broken plastic pieces, which were the size of the nail cover.

They were not only uneven in shape and size, but also mixed with sporadic yellow, blue fragments and white fragments.

Xiamen Customs immediately contacted the professional organization for identification. And finally confirmed that the dust content of the batch of goods did not meet the national standards, and the recycling process may cause greater pollution to the environment, which is China’s restriction on imported solid waste.

At present, the shipment has been handed over to the customs anti-smuggling department for further investigation and handling.

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