All Questions

1.What is WPC?

WPC means wood plastic composite, it has better use than wood.

2.Is the WPC recyclable?

Yes, it’s 100% recyclable and environmental protected, that’s one of the advantages from wood.

3.What’s the production capacity of the WPC?

We can produce around 1000 tons of WPC per month.

4.Can you customize (length, color, section specification)?

Of course, you can also customize the unique colors you like. Length, we generally recommend between 2 and 3 meters to suit for loading to the container, but we also can customize if you need longer. Profile specifications, besides our existing specifications, we can also develop the mold according to your special needs.

5.Will WPC decking rot or decay like wood?

WPC has been extensively tested under hostile accelerated aging conditions by outside laboratories. It is warranted to resist rot and fungal decay when properly installed and maintained.

6.Will the WPC change color as the weather changes?

As wood fiber exposed to water and sunlight, the initial stage of the product will become lighter color. After about one year, WPC will achieve a steady natural color.

7.How durable are composite decking?

15-25 years life time are guaranteed provided it has been installed follow our instruction guide.

8.How to clean and maintain composite decking?

Composite decking is relatively maintenance free. Sweeping and cleaning with normal household cleaner is generally all that is required.

1.What is PVC flooring?

PVC flooring is a new decoration material, main material PVC, PS and Calcium carbonate.

2.How many types do you have?

We have dry back, locking system and loose lay with different thickness.

3.Is the PVC floor waterproof and fire resistant?

Yes, the PVC floor has very good physical abilities to resist from water or fire.

4.How do I clean my Luxury Vinyl Plank?

The most effective way to care for your Luxury Vinyl Plank floor is regular light maintenance opposed to periodical heavy cleaning. You can clean your floor by sweeping, mopping or dry vacuuming. Always be sure to clean all excess water to avoid slips and falls. Do not use soap based detergents, caustic cleaners or abrasive cleaners.

5.Any requirement before installation?

The indoor temperature on site should be controlled around 25 ℃ and can’t be higher than 36 ℃ or lower than 12 ℃.

Remove any dirt, grit, oil and chemicals. The subfloor must be even, and be level within 3mm in 2 meters.

6.What are the dimensions of vinyl plank and tiles?

A: Regular dimensions like 6” *36” (150mm*935mm), 6” *48” (150mm*1220mm), 18” *18” (457.2mm*457.2mm) are provided. For more details, pls contact our sales teams.

7.What are advantages of vinyl flooring?

Environment health: to use environmental-friendly raw materials, do not contain heavy metals, not release harmful gase, nonradioactive;

Anti-scratch, anti-slip

Resistance to fire: fire rating achieves the highest fire safety standards to class B1 for building materials.

Waterproof: have a good waterproof performance.

Antibacterial: the surface by special treatment for prevent bacteria.

Fast installation: installation fast and convenient, no need cement motar, can be used after 24 hours.

Color variety.

8.Can you offer packing designs as per customers’ requests?

Of course. We will design the packaging cartons according to customers’ requests.