Enjoy the teambuilding, gather together in Sunflare

Sunflare organized the teambuilding activity last weekend and we had a three-day tour in Meizhou. It was a leisure and comfortable journey.

Autumn is the harvest season, and people who worked hard are picking fruits and enjoying the harvest. That’s the reason why we choose autumn to launch the teambuilding. Through this activity, each members felt the authentic Meizhou traits, enthusiasm, hospitality, tenacity and courage.

Natural Scenery

Meizhou’s natural scenery is fascinating.

You can see the heavy rice ears are swaying in the wind, as if they are greeting tourists from afar.



The mottled ancient bridge reveals the atmosphere of the history, which seems quietly listens to the hearts of every distant traveler.

Sit on the wooden bridge, show smile face, enjoy our teambuilding~

Sight Spot

Walk in Marshal Ye Jianying memorial, review the great revolution happened 100 years ago.


Hundreds of years of Hakka ancestors went out to Nanyang, their trip started from Songkou Ancient Town.


Nice Food

Meizhou’s food can be collected in a big book, which is inseparable from the hospitable Meizhou people

I didn’t write down each name of the dishes, you can get it from below pictures.



Finally, I would like to introduce the highlight of the trip, picking pomelo. Regard as the most interesting game, each of us look forward it from the beginning trip.

Meizhou is rich in Shatian pomelo, that’s why we choose Meizhou as the destination. Which period is the best time to pick? One of the 24 solar terms called Frost Descent. The local growers told us the best time is two weeks after Frost Descent. Now the time is available, so we are here for picking pomelo.

As an important source of income, the Pomelo trees growing area is planned full of the mountains, and we find a lot of large warehouses beside the road. the warehouses are for transporting, packaging and storing.  So many fruits hung upon the trees. We like the strangers who shuttle among the fruit trees. when we take photos under the tree, we have to beware of the rain on the leaves. The fruit growers are very enthusiastic to teach us how to “professionally” pick the pomelo. The simplest fun is the moment when the grapefruit is cut with a hand-held scissors. I think the great achievement during the teambuilding is eating the pomelo which cut by myself.






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