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Comparison Between PVC Plastic Floor and Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is hard, give a person stiff and cold feeling, and it’s smooth. PVC plastic floor is elastic material, eco-friendly and anti slip. Also, it becomes astringent when encountering water, the specific comparison is as follows:

As the ceaseless rise of house price, more and more consumer think highly of the safety, adornment sex and durable performance of house decoration. Wood floor is not suitable for using on geothermal, and not wear-resisting. Laminate floor is with formaldehyde content, and afraid of damp environment. While ceramic tile has the radiate problem. In this way, as the important part in domestic outfit, how to judge the performance of the floor?

Comparison Between PVC Plastic Floor and Ceramic Tile

1. Environmental protection performance, namely formaldehyde, VOC content and radiate problems. The average formaldehyde content of laminate floor is 1.2mg/m3, while wood floor is 0.6mg/m3. Although Ceramic does not have formaldehyde, it have the radiation that is harmful to human body. However,  PVC plastic floor is zero formaldehyde and zero radiate.

2. Size stability. Wood floor, laminate floor are easy to beat, craze, out of shape in high temperature and damp environment. And PVC floor and ceramic tile without obvious size change.

3. Convenience in use. Wood floor and laminate floor are easy to be out of shape below damp environment, so we need to carefully use mop to clean. PVC is not afraid of wet environment, mop and other daily cleaning tools are available. PVC floor is soft and elastic design, which can reduce indoor noise of 14-25db. What’ more, can reduce the impact to human body when fall. In terms of anti-skid performance, PVC floor becomes astringent when encountering water, so it prevent the injury caused by slip and fall.

4. Durability. PVC floor is semi-permanent material, surface wear-resisting revolution can amount to about 8000. Compare to wood floor 2000-4500, PVC floor is much higher than it.

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