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Rapid Development of China’s Wood Plastic Composite Industry

Rapid Development of China’s Wood Plastic Composite Industry

China’s wood plastic composite industry began in the late 1990s. Though it start later than abroad for more than 20 years, after gone through a lot of ups and downs, finally enjoys a unique advantage in the domestic economic tide of sustainable development. And gradually grow into a processing means rich and independent technology of the emerging comprehensive utilization of resources industry.

Under the guidance of the scientific development concept and the support of government departments, the WPC industry has entered a rapid development period in China. Especially marked by the participation of WPC materials in the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world expo and Guangzhou Asian games. In recent years, the average growth rate of WPC enterprises and production is more than 20%. And now the total output has reached 500,000 tons a year. That keep pace with the American wood plastics composite industry, which once dominated the world’s no.1 for a long time.

China’s wood plastic composite industryFrom a global perspective, China’s WPC production in Asia has greatly surpassed that of Japan, and it also has a place in Europe. China has become the area with the most optimistic development trend and market capacity after North America. With the joint efforts of all parties, China’s manufacturing level of WPC has risen to the top of the world. And become one of the few domestic manufacturing industries that can have equal with developed countries in Europe and America. At present, the rise of China’s wood plastic composite industry has aroused widespread attention in the trade union.

In the next ten years, China’s WPC will fully display its advantages of resource utilization and environmental protection. And strive to enter the ranks of emerging scientific and technological materials of strategic significance.

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