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Top 10 Advantages of PE Wood Plastic Composite

Top 10 Advantages of PE Wood Plastic Materials

PE wood plastic composite is a kind of product mixed by wood fiber, PE plastic and the corresponding additive, which mainly for outdoor use.  Because of it’s the good waterproof and aging resistance characteristics, it  has been widely favored by the customers. Here comes with ten advantages of PE wood plastic composite:

1. Wood plastic composite has the advantages of waterproof and moisture-proof. This fundamentally solved the problems which traditional wooden products have, like absorb water, moldy, rot and deformation. In the use of hydrophilic platform, the waterproof advantage of WPC is particularly obvious.

2. Wood plastic composite has the advantage of insect prevention. WPC after high temperature sugar treatment, effectively eliminate the breeding of moth, to ensure that plastic wood materials have a long service life.

3. One of the advantage of WPC is it’s color diversity. WPC is composite material, which can debug a variety of colors. Therefore, to meet the different needs of customers.

4. WPC has a strong plasticity. Because of this charateristic, it can simply achieve personalized needs and show personal style.

5. WPC is eco-friendly. It is Zero – formaldehyde and recycled.

PE wood plastic composite6. Fireproof: WPC can effectively flame retardant, and fire protection reach grade B2. When fire extinguishes, will not produce any toxic gas.

7. Good processability: WPC can be planing, sawing and drilling.

8. Easy installation: no complicated construction process, so can effectively save the installation time and cost.

9. No cracking and deformation: this charateristic makes it easy to clean. Also, it save the cost of later maintenance.

10. Wood plastic composite has the characteristics of sound absorption and energy saving.

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